Mary Malloy  * Máire Ní Mhaolmhuaidh
Author and Historian

Fiction Books

Fiction Books


The Wonder Chamber

Researching an ancient collection, Lizzie Manning finds a sarcophagus with an unexpected mummified occupant—and another adventure!

“VERDICT: A professor herself (museum studies, Harvard Univ.), Malloy demonstrates a real flair for weaving an engrossing historical puzzle into her mystery plot. Carefully assembling her story, she gently reels us in. The author's third series entry (after Paradise Walk) is perfect for readers craving an elaborate scheme.”
— Library Journal - Starred Review for December, 2013

Paradise Walk

“This unconventional mystery will most satisfy those who enjoy intellectual puzzles like Josephine Tey’s The Daughter of Time.”  
Publisher’s Weekly

The Wandering Heart

“Malloy makes an impressive fiction debut, mixes history and fantasy with flair and delivers a wonderfully satisfying puzzler.” 
Publisher’s Weekly